An apology that brought healing

James 5:16 Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.

Sorry is a word I know best, the meaning of it though has been alien to me until now. A genuine apology lifted a burden that I shouldn’t have bore had I been not so stubborn or been miss know it all. We have been forced to apologize by our parents; in turn we teach our children the same notion. So we grow up apologizing to let things slide, but not meaning it. It is when you requested for forgiveness because I knew I was in the wrong, and if it could have been: I could have carried the hurt, that I genuinely was sorry.

Being wretched over what I had either said or done, the expression of guilt brought more healing than the words “you are forgiven”. My liberation came from admitting being wrong and being heard, being forgiven granted me joy, gratefulness, and a bond that is beyond measure.

Are you really Christian?

More and more Christians are running away from God and are heading to the world. With the time we are blessed with we could rather do anything else but spend with Him. When was the last time you had intimacy with God?

Christianity is a life commitment that goes beyond a church Sunday fellowship, which exceeds how we view it. Fellowship is a spiritual necessity, and God requires us to fellowship with both Him and each other (1 John 1:3 Acts 2:42-47).  My plea today is examine yourself through scripture (1 John).

Heartfelt thanks to Apostle Charles and Juliana Magaiza

While We Have Now

We sometimes wait until time has expired for us to express love to our loved ones. Letting go of anger and disappointment,  I don’t care how much we’ve hurt each other or why. I choose to love you. For your imperfections are the best things I love about you. Our disagreements challenge me and help me grow, my life is worth living because of you. So I choose to love you!

No more judging and finding faults in you, time is depleting and I’m only sure of this moment I have now. I”m sorry for not realizing it sooner, i know now every moment I’m alive is sacred. So I choose to love you!

All the memories I have are going to be the best times I spent with you. Because I choose, to let you be you: may you only explore every moment of life that we still have in love peace and harmony. The day has passed on to today, and it is glorious as ever, so have I. Whatever happened yesterday is forgotten.Minutes have passed to this one, if time can move on then what can stop me. I’ve been foolish, please forgive me. Will you turn a new leaf with me and I will make sure to love you always.

I am sorry for putting you in a box to fit my expectations, instead of accepting you for being a beautiful, complicated, intriguing loving person you are. I am sorry for my narrow understanding of love that seeks to change you, control you and drive you, you are perfect just the way you are. Every different thing about you makes you unique. So I choose to love you for who you are!

I love you! xoxo





If you know you will die when you stop breathing, then why would you hold your breath? Some of us go to all length to commit suicide by tying one end of a chain on our waists, and other end on a big rock and diving in the sea while holding our breath. While doing this we make sure that the chain is secured and in we go deep in the sea called life.

This is an image necessary for people who stop praying. Prayer is every Christian’s life source, one that birthed us unto salvation when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior.  Yet some of us will go would rather tie ourselves up in world troubles and dive in the deep dark sea with no means of survival.

The Word instructs us to pray without ceasing (1 Thes 5:17), Prayer being one of the vital things we ought to do. No two ways about it. We all need a breath or else we die, I guess it’s up to each and every one of us.  Either take a breath every time you have to or die.

Solitude the best time

There is either something really wrong with you or something very right: when you find yourself laughing uncontrollably and you can’t find a reason why or the need to stop. And all you can do is giggle, laugh and scream and when realizing you are alone you laugh the more.

Sometimes the best time to celebrate is in solitude, feeling blessed because there absolutely nothing that can surpass enjoying pure joy without bounds or limits of expression and awkward utterance. Just being you, having intense bliss in your solitude and knowing that life will never be the same again.

As much is life is about sharing some things cannot be shared, we can share a space but not what we hold dear about it. We can express emotion but never the reality and how tangible they are to us. So in the absence of others you are more liberated, because there are no distractions or explanation to be rendered. Moreover in this very moment everything is perfect and fulfilling that every moment is irrelevant and all you can do is laugh and celebrate. And words find no meaning and singing is just far out of reach. When you are composed you know you have been kissed by God, the only words that you can make are ah…..When you think about it you search for words of praise and all you can make up is Hallelujah.

By the time you go to sleep, you are comfortable happy and light. Some moment during your sleep you giggle until you wake yourself up. And this goes on for while and you are sure that no matter how scotching the sun is or how freezing the cold is, you are loved. Nothing and no one fazes, bugs you and you don’t have all the care in the world because life is so perfect and so full of joy and worth living. After such grace you realize the grace that you have all been granted.

Whether you feel it, like it or don’t believe it. Life is a gift from God; by His grace we are kept. No amount of tales, fiction or testimonies will measure up to His glory.