Be loyal to one

envest your entire youth to him

Give him your strength

Your time and effort

Easily he will turn on you

Forgetting of your sacrifice

Be loyal to none but yourself

No more truth

Cut off my tangue
set it on fire
Feed it to dogs
Its use is exhausted

Cut off my tangue
Let it fall on deaf ears
Muted from the world
It only breeds destruction

Cut of my tongue
Let not it fall to ink
Or be painted on paper
For one to read

Cut off my tangue
No more use for it
Its truth brings destrution
In a world of lies

A time

I miss a time

when expression was intimate

when words held meaning

When promises resonated from the heart

Where life without honor was taboo

and integrity was a treasure

When sincerity was a strength

and truth was a way of life

I miss the freedom of being unique

when individuality was embraced

I miss the time

when love stood the test of time

where vows held till ones death

And honor bounded a man to his word.

No body is perfect

Hurt comes in many forms and at different times. At times it strikes one deeper that imaginable and mortifies one to the core. Mostly it is the ones we love the most that hurt us to such an extent, the ones we think we can’t live without, the ones we see the meaning of life though, those who see us through our deep and darkest hours.

It is those who hurt us that not only deserve our forgiveness, but an understanding of why we hurt as well. If we are true to ourselves, then we will acknowledge that we are neither perfect nor without fault. Furthermore; if we truly love, then forgiveness should come easily to us. The loved ones who hurt us, are also hurt by the pain they inflict.

If you have lived for even a day, you know that you are and any other person is likely to make a mistake. We are but all living through mistakes and learning from them.

We are not perfect. Neither are you perfect to yourself, learn to forgive yourself and be kind to yourself above all. Accept that mistakes are a part of life and learn as best you can from them. Always thrive to be better and to do better.

Let love lead

Complexities of life

There are things we will fail to understand in life. The greatest of all is the complexities of oneself.

The wounded seek healing, yet hurt everyone in their wake
The loving seek to love, yet they are paid by betrayal
The rich seek more riches, yet abuse those who are destitute
The old pray for youth and time, yet dress their regret on the young
The young have more time, yet misuse it in chase of folly

Call me names

Prostitute you call me

Where were you
When I turned to you
When I had nothing
When I was destitute

Filthy you call me

Are you the one
Who turned your back
Shut out every door
Looked upon me with disdain

Whore you call me

Didn’t you cast me out
Send me begging through bins
Collecting what I in exchange
For only a price I could afford

Harlot you call me

Who would have thought
The one who warmed my thighs
Never wanted to claim me
Would ever pronounce such

Names you call you

Are only those you forced on me
When you could have helped me
Yet choose to do what served you
Sent me to the wolves

Darkened days fortify

Teary streams from my heart
Cleanse sorrow from my soul
Wipe clean the horror of darkned days
Clear the path for a new beginning

Heartache deep and true
Bleed through and through
Pain that binds be losed
Free me from this anguish

Plough the field of existence
Cultivate my soul bare
Bring forth furrows from within
To sow seeds of beautiful beggings

Wheel me to a place unknown
Where life flourishes to full bloom
Hearts beat in delightful pleasure
Tears be of joy at new birth

Bid farewell to darkened days
Gloom to be witnessed no more
For tormented soul be fortified
For all of eternity

Heart song

I will find no other
Who seeks to empower me from within
I know not what love is
Yet everything I feel for you testifies of its existence
I have seen no great treasures
Beyond the one you unravel within me
I know not of tomorrow
Hence I am content in what we have today
I know not of the depth of your heart
Still I give myself entirely to you
I speak not of vows
Only the song my heart sings