Take me captive
Strip me naked
Tie me motionless
Strike me senseless
Strangle me breathless
I die a free man



True happiness is from within. Find your happiness and share it with others. Be responsible for your own happiness.

The reason other people can’t make you happy, or why the happiness you receive is short-lived, is because you are not getting it from the true source (your inner self).


Intice him to my bed
My youth captures him
The erction of my bosom
Ensnare him to my devices
My nectar captivate him
Falling pray to me with ease
Loss to sanity and faith
His soul eater he beds
My whispers his haven
Reaping seeds of doom
Watered in rebellion
Beeding fruit in maturity
Only to rebuke his God
For a taste of pleasure
Yet in my trap’s core
Wisdom calls still to him
“repent and come home”
I dare not let him hear
For in the death of time
Squeals and gnashing teeth
From hell’s fire blaze
This hag won’t endure alone

Christ is Our firm Foundation

For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. (1 Cor 3:11)
Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone who cannot be moved. Funny how we want to be Christian without being in Christ or knowing Christ.
Dare not stop me from telling the truth!

We are just feeble creatures who are only exiting by the grace of God, It is God who created us and He is the one who sustains our lives.
Yet for some delusional reason we think we can survive without He who is the author of our lives.
How dare me! How dare you! How dare us! Deny God; thinking we are wise we have but become utter fools. For what can be known about God is plain to us, because God has shown it to us. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So we are without excuse.

As for us who call ourselves Christians, have adopted the name without the meaning of it. Calling ourselves Christians does not exonerate us from Judgment. We are as evil as they come, thinking we are better than the one who gave the name. Living a life of vanity filled with flesh and sensual desires, tarnished the name of the Lord. How dare you?

How dare we call ourselves by the name of the Lord when we know we are only but the agents of the devil? Boldly blaspheming and destroying the body of Christ. On who do you base our Christianity on,? Is it Christ? If it is: What is the gospel we are preaching? Are we living by the Word? If not What is the use of the Bible if you won’t use it to live by? Better yet: How can we be Christians without obeying the Word of God?
We claim Christ to be our foundation. Isn’t a foundation meant to be built on, aren’t we then supposed to preach the same gospel Christ was preaching the Gospel of salvation. Taking up the call. Making disciples of all nations and teaching them everything commended to us.
Christ our foundation; came to save the lost among many miracles he performed, the greatest gift He gave is Himself. Made sure we have commandments to keep us firmly rooted on Him, if we only kept them! The plea is to go back to our foundation and build on that He has already laid for us through His word.

Matt 28: 19-20

Dominion over sin

I have dominion over sin and this is how:
Between my soul and salvation stands a bridge of the cross
Side punctured blood gushing a man hanging from whom redemption is a gift wrapped with purity only the spotless lamp of God can uphold.

Upon accepting my gift and Him to be my Messiah, behold a new life clothed in righteousness and holiness is born. Only a crucified and resurrected Christ can give.

I boldly step forward with my salvation in hand, joining heaven in singing: worth is the lamb who was slain.

Looking back I see the Seed of a man striking the head of the serpent and sin defeated.

My dominion has been established by the Cross!

Time an ally

This moment is what I am sure of. What I will need in the future, that I do not know. However what I do with that moment is what really makes an impact. Though this is true it would be a grave mistake to live in a moment, without considering how the next bit of time will be affected by this moment right now. Time is indeed fleeting away and a minute matures into an hour, a day to a week and so forth, up until years pass.

Time can be the best ally, and as I race with him. I mostly neglect or rush to do things because of how I view him. However I ought to pursue peace and to live for love.

Lead me to a place

Take me to a place where love is the tangue of hearts
Where integrity dwells in one’s soul
And loyalty is in the blood

Take me to such a place where peace is
painted by the stroke of each life
Where hope blossoms in every garden
And its scent carried aways to those in need

Take to me to a place where life is far more precious than diamond
And time is spent with sweet memories of kindness and tranquility
Where tears are shared in pain a sorrow

Take me to a place where laughter is the music played amongst friends
Where wealth is measured in the priceless of what is shared
And joy comes to everyone

Lead me to a place of love