​Rooted in Trust

This message was sent by my lovely mother to all her kids, may all of you be blessed as we all were and still are though it.

“That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love. Ephisians 3:17 

We must understand that our trust is the main thing God is pursuing as He develops our root system. Trust is what God is building through the process, and trust is what will get us through the process.

Trust has two basic elements: intimacy and dependence. Intimacy and dependence are what Jesus was talking about when He told us to remain in Him just as He remained in the Father. He wants us to develop the ability to walk in deep, unbroken intimacy with Him and to depend on Him as He trains and empowers us to become trustworthy partners in His work on earth. The only way He can build this root system of abiding connection is by taking us through a process that asks again and again, “Do you trust Me?” Every time we say, “I trust You,” our root system grows. That‘s how we thrive as He prepares us to bear lasting fruit.”


Days are evil

Listen here

Days come and go. Time hasten for some to waste, but God will always remain. The brevity of time is known to man, yet what it means for him is still a mystery. Man wakes to chase her with pleasure, treasure and vulgarity. With her spell she has got all of him wrapped around her finger. Not knowing how vicious she is, he lays with her. Only to birth doom in her maturity. Morn after morn, mourns are heard of those who waste by her side. 
It has been foretold of the destiny of those who lavish her with their breath of life. Waste they will in the lake of fire, eternally tormented without seize. Yet all my brothers she captures, and hypnotises them to the engulfing flames of doom.
Out loud wisdom calls at every street corner, yet my brother is still caught in the satin, silk and gold linen of this witch. “Days are evil brother wake up” wisdom shout on every street corner. Yet my brother is still enticed by the vanity of this adulteress. Idolising her vain beauty, sensual pleasures and natural desires. He lays on her bossom, listening to her slithering tongue of destruction. She sings :
Just a little more, you still have tomorrow

Just a little taste, who knows what you’re missing

Just a little here, why not there

You will always catch up when you want to

Just an hour, why not a day

Taste a bit of whine why don’t you

No need to profess now, there is always tomorrow

Don’t forget to touch here, see there’s something

If you don’t do it now, you will surely miss out

There there, stay a little longer

You have all the time in the word

Surely tomorrow is all yours
Knowingness pretty well that tomorrow my brother will see his doom. In the depth of the dark doom where Lazarus longs to escape and save his fellow brother. My brother still lays, arms wrapped around the waist of the greatest thief I have ever seen.
Lips tied to the mouth of death itself, he lay on her precious jewels. Knowing not that her most precious possession is his soul. He lays, proffessing not the truth that gives life to many. Wisdom cries out ” wake up and go, awaken those who slumber everywhere” . Yet he sleeps and says there are many man who can witness. Lo he says, I know not who to leave this bossom for. There is no God. 
This is where she wanted him to be, finally! At long last she got him. The time has come when a man’s best ally will be his worst enemy. On that day when gnashing and wails will be just the tip of it all. Awaken oh brother and listen to truth. Awaken oh shepard and seek the sheep. Awaken, listen to wisdom and do what you were called for.

Living within my means

This month I had come to the realisation of the poverty my children will inherit if I am to keep at my life style. It is a real shame to live beyond one’s means just to please society. 

Thanks God I have been made aware of my delusion. To think I have had credits from the bank, housing, clothing, jewellery, to airtime. Pilling dept after dept so as to fit in and live in style. No more!

Taking the step to settle the dept has been the hardest ever. Meaning: no restuarents for a while, no new clothes for bit, moving from my upmarket apartment, and no more extensive calls if I can’t afford to pay the bill immediately. I had to face the biggest trial ever, a life without friends. Yes its true! when you downgrade, friends relocate. 

Sadness and self pity filled my heart but, I kept on taking that step and still am. By God’s grace I stay a walking distance to work, that means paying back my best friend’s loan, my hair dresser and reducing transport costs. I make sure I walk whenever I can and save that peny to level my dept

On my second week I had to repeat an outfit. Cleared my closet and gave clothes away when I ventured in this. It hits me, I cannot go afford a new dress. I have to get a accustomed to repeating clothes. Oh no, I forgot about my hair! 😦 

Guess what! I shaved my banana-shaped head, and looked good too I must say. For those who asked I needed a 100% shower. After my drasic make over, I conditioned myself to work as a slave. The most trying thing about this was that I wasn’t getting paid money. I was paid lodging for my services for three full months. 

Yes it was tough but I survived it. I told myself whatever happened I would never go home, nor would I beg. The sad thing is that I finily had to go home, so I did and admitted that I needed help. Now with apsolutely no money coming in how then was I to move on?

It was slow and painful but it don’t last for long. I finally received a call from a client who gave me a generous offer, and I stepped out and started at it again. So today I hold no account to my name. Working towards no credit to lander.

This entire experience has taught t me that if I had lived within my means. I would have gotten to the point of shaving my head. Yes it was a great thing for me! It wouldn’t have gotten to that at all, had I saved I would be purchased my own house. And that car would be my credit free. My Obed would be having his own trust at such a young age.

Thanks God I’m awake now and my plans rotated.  My reality is  tougher than before and my future, well …. Why don’t we just wait for it.  I couldn’t be more prouder know that my Obed will atleast have a leg to stand on, and something to his name when he finally comes of age. 

Coming to you! the reason I have exposed myself. You can live a dept free life if you just purchase a less expensive car, take a lower access insurance and invest that money. All you have to do is live within your means.

Fuel your vision

Prosperity comes with sacrifice and dedication. Where there is prosperity there has always been a vision and a goal. People who have such a vision do not persue whatever vision without knowledge. They seek, dig, research until they have gotten the information to go all out  and do it. This is where most people stop. After they have calculated the risks and done the research, they just stop for the fear sacrificing the now to gain the unknown.
The few keep at it because of how real their vision is to them. And fuel it with sweat and tears until it has come to pass. After they have broken through they then relax and enjoy their fruits. This is where some stop.
An even less number of people, do their best to saw their seed of prosperity for their future generation. After tears, sweat and joy. They labour to educate the young and plant their wisdom for an even greater tomorrow. These are the few I call wise. The ones that dont live for the now, nor for tommorow but for eternity


As our desires and the world comes to waste our hearts should bring us to the knowledge of God. As our loved ones pass and mourning becomes our daily friend, our lives should cling on the great I Am. As poverty strikes and shame become our reality, our knees should bow down to him. 

There is so much evil in the world and only one cure.

As riches find me and wealth define me, my life should cling on the Creator of all. As fruits come forth and abundance becomes my identity, my soul cling to Whom is your all. As the sun rises and flowers blood, my heart remember who made that rose.

There is so much beauty in the world and only one who gives it.

Remember who carved you from nothing, who placed you on that ground. Remember who gives you life and who sustains it. Lean on that Rock. Dwell in that Fortress, winds may blow, seasons may change but He will always reamain.

My soul my soul remember your maker. Forget not from where you came